Whatever you focus on will expand. The question is, what are you focused on?

Are you caught in the illusion that that you are focused on you want, but really, you are focused on is what you don't want?

Do you send your time worrying about why it may not work out? Do you spend time focusing on all the scenarios of how it may go wrong and then try and devise plans to stop them from happening?

The mind can be tricky if you do not train it to be directed on the exact thing you want it to be creating. If you allow the mind to wander, then you are sure to wander in business and in life.

How do you counter act your wandering mind?

By tracking.

When you track what you want, you bring attention and focus to what you want consistently. When you track daily, every day you bring focus and energy to creating the results you desire.

Tracking is easy and yet, I see so many entrepreneurs in many different businesses not doing it. This is a big mistake and if I was you, I would develop the habit of tracking today.

Here are 3 Key measurements to start tracking right away:

  • How many new conversations are you having each day. Each day there are opportunities to talk to new people about what you do and how you can help. Track how many new conversations you start so you bring conscious attention to this activity.
  • How many free strategy sessions, consultations or sales presentations did you give today. When working with entrepreneurs, I help them develop a set presentation they can do 1 on 1 potential clients and/or with groups of prospective clients. This presentation is designed to sell their services while educating the audience of what they do. It's a win/win for everyone.
  • How many sales did you create today. By tracking your daily sales, you are training yourself to create daily sales. Over time, you will see this number increase and it will motivate you even more.

There are many reasons you may not be tracking your numbers. Maybe you didn't realize how important it is to track, maybe you are scared because you don't like the numbers you have right now or maybe you are unsure of what you should be tracking in your business.

I have met many entrepreneurs, and all the ones who are successful at what they do track their results. This is no coincidence, success is intentional and tracking helps you become intentional with your time and activities.

Need help tracking your activities? Need accountability or a daily strategy to generating conversations and leads? Then book a free strategy session with me and let's go over your business and let me show you how to generate quality leads on a daily basis.

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Coach Nick

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