Did you see my interview on the Inside Scoop with Keith Blanchard? Wow, it was powerful.

While we spoke about many aspects to creating radical transformation, I want to share with you Keith's 3 tenants he lives by. Keith is a full time musician, radio personality and spiritual teacher. His life, like most people's, have been filled with ups and downs.

However, after a spiritual awakening that had him travel to India to see and learn from holy men, his life has never been the same.

Here is Kieth's 3 tenants to radical transformation:

  • No Permission Needed- the truth does not need permission and neither do you. You grant yourself permission to live the life you want.
  • Get out of the fight - look at the world. Everyone is fighting. Whether that is countries and groups. Fighting at home with spouse and loved ones. Fighting and bickering with co-workers. Heated discussions on social media. Unplug from the negative news, unplug from the disharmony and get out of the fight.
  • Water the weed or water the plan - where focus is directed, energy will expand. How you water your plant is by focusing on it. Whatever you focus on will continue to expand and grow. If you focus on what you don't want, more of that shows up, if you focus on what you want to create, that will also show up. Focus on what you want, water your plant.

This was a very powerful interview, you can watch it on my Facebook page. If you are looking for a radical transformation in your lifestyle, learn to build a business online. When you learn to build a business online your entire life transforms because you get so much time back.

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