Yesterday I interviewed Freedompreneurs Club member Lara Brekken who is a Divorce Recovery Coach. Lara has been through two divorce's and other failed relationships. While this may look "bad" her discovery through her own life is very valuable for us all.

Her strength is admirable and the wisdom she has gained by going through these tough times is incredible. In her interview she was open, honest and you could see the passion she holds for making sure people learn the lessons they need, so they can have happy, healthy relationships and lives.

What is amazing about Lara's process, is that it is the same process you must go through to transform your business and lifestyle. This process is universal, because it gets to the core of what is really going on.

So whether you are using it to re-build life after divorce or re-build your business, this process will be needed.

Here is the 5 step process Lara taught:

  • Identify the stories - what stories are you telling yourself? Are you living in reality or in a story about reality?
  • Energy Leadership - whoa re you being? How do you show up in your life and business? It is the energy you are emitting that is creating what you attract.
  • Responsibility - Are you taking responsibility or are you still stuck in the blame game? Whether you are blaming the other person, the economy, the government or mercury retrograde. No power can be gained by avoiding responsibility.
  • Purpose - Have you learned the lessons that created the situation that you would like to transform? When the lesson is learned the situation is allowed to be re-arranged.
  • Redesign - Get to work and start creating the habits that you need to have the life and business you love.

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Coach Nick

If you want to connect with Lara directly, here is her website