Have you ever had an idea flash in your mind? Perhaps it told you to make a call, create a post or read a certain book. Maybe it told you to go sit at a coffee shop, go visit an old friend or reach out to someone about your business.

This is what I call inspired thoughts. They normally come at the weirdest times, like in the shower. This happens because you feel relaxed and therefor are vibrating at a high frequency. The more relaxed you are the quicker you vibrate and the more inspired thoughts will generate in your mind.

When these flashes of inspired thought flow to you, take action on them! Act right away as it is the greatest sign of faith to act on these inspired thoughts. From my own experience so far, yields the greatest results.

If you are not in a position to act right away, then write the thought down and act on it as soon as possible. Do away with any procrastination or lazy mindset that you have developed and act now.

Now is the time, now is when you can create and now is when you will feel the joy and thrill of spontaneous action.

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time. If you are struggling to take action, then join one of my group coaching programs and get support from myself and other entrepreneurs just like you. Leave a comment... go on... take action!

When you bring two or more together under a common goal, magic can be produced.

Your Freedom Guide!

Coach Nick