This weekend I got an unfortunate e-mail that said the Freedompreneurs Club Facebook group was shutdown. I'll spare the details but in my opinion it was wrongly fully shutdown due to someone saying the own the word, Freedompreneur.

Many people all over the world use this word, it is a movement not just a business. and for someone to try and "corner" the Freedompreneur word is against what being a Freedompreneur is all about.

Here is the deal, I could complain, I could be upset that our group of 950 members was shutdown or I can bless it and move on. That is what I have chosen to do and encourage you to to do when these hiccups happen.

The material world if full of "set backs", but what is a setback really? A set back is only a contradictory event to the ego mind. Your ego has a certain "plan" and way that it thinks things will work out, but the ego is so limited and cannot see accurately.

As a spiritual practitioner I have learned to go above my own mind and trust my feelings. My feeling, even though I cannot logically explain it, is this is somehow a set up for a better group with a higher frequency.

So what did we do, we started another group right away. Waste no time in the ego's game of feeling sorry for yourself or creating an enemy. Just simply keep moving and keep creating.

I am excited to say last night we launched our new FB community called Freedom Culture and already we have 172 members. Let this be a learning lesson for you as well, stay unattached to things, just keep creating and growing, this will guarantee your success!

Btw... if you want to be part of the new community and join us daily on FB with videos, tips and inspiration click this link.

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time, just leave a comment below!

Your Freedom Guide!

Coach Nick