I want to be honest with you, I have been on fire lately. I hope this does not get interpreted as cocky as I do not feel that way at all. Actually, I feel very grateful and humbled at the way things are going and I want to share with you why I have been on fire so you can create the same results for yourself.

The reason I have been on fire is because I am doing things in a certain way. This may sound mystical for the untrained person, but for the practitioner of spiritual law, it' simply the beauty of God's laws.

In any vocation you will see some are having success and some are struggling. They do the same actions but the results are dramatically different. To understand why this is, you must understand the world of energy and attraction.

Simply said, I have figured out how to put my life energy into my work and because of this, my work is producing results like never before. The kingdom is within you, and works through you to bring about heaven on earth.

How do you produce your heaven on earth?

Through the spirit of devotion. Here is the secret, before you do anything say a small prayer of offering. Offer your work as a service to source, offer it with as much loving feeling and devotion as you can and offer it without asking for anything in return.

When you learn to sincerely take action throughout your day for the love of the action rather then the result you think you will get from it, you bring your life energy into your work which produces greatness.

Don't just do it in your work, do it in every moment of the day. Wash the dishes in devotion, workout in devotion, kiss your spouse in devotion, raise your kids in devotion, eat in devotion and create each moment with care.

Imagine God is the recipient of everything you do, wouldn't you do it with the most care and tenderness possible?

Ask yourself this one question, I am doing this for a result or to be of service?

When you are being in service you will find your actions produce more fruit and fearlessness takes over.

If this sounds far out or mystical, that is okay, try it anyways. I promise you have nothing to lose but a whole new level of awareness and living to gain. The whole kingdom can be attained through this process.

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time.

Your Freedom Guide!

Coach Nick